TheCoalFace is a blog about Welsh rugby.  It is written by two devout Welsh fans who are interested in everything to do with Welsh rugby – the players, the coaches, the tactics, selection issues, the regions, the premiership, sports nutrition, age grade rugby etc etc. If it’s about Welsh rugby, we’re interested in it. We hope that people will find the blog entertaining, interesting and informative.

Here at TheCoalFace we have two main aims:

1) To provide comments on the latest news items connected with Welsh rugby and to provide a place for Welsh fans to have their say.

2) To provide Welsh rugby fans with opinion pieces and to allow them to debate all aspects of Welsh rugby. We know how much Welsh fans love to discuss the game so it is hoped that the analysis will be comprehensive enough to promote some in depth discussion.

This is not a sensationalist blog.  We are not going to spew forth old, outdated quotes and dress them up into a story if it’s a slow news day.  We maintain a sense of perspective and only wish to provide the reader with a balanced and constructive view on all things relating to Welsh rugby.  Perhaps most importantly of all, we are for the Welsh Rugby Union, not against it.  This does not make the WRU immune from criticism, but we recognize that any such criticism should be constructive.  We want our country’s team to do as well as it possibly can.  We do not wish to needlessly badmouth players or management, but we do wish to speak the truth.

Anything to say?  Anything to contribute?  Please comment on the blogs or get in touch with us: theguysincharge@thecoalfaceblog.com


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